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Fluke 1750 3-Phase Event Recorder IOT enabled with cellular modem

Fluke's flagship power quality and energy monitor; shipped in hard case with voltage cables, and PC Software. This POWERetc exclusive special edition includes a built-in cellular modem! With this time and labor saving feature, you can configure the instrument, receive reports and download data to your computer without ever leaving your office! 

This is all you need for a host of power quality and energy studies. It can be configured with your choice of clamp-on CT's or flexible current probes. Call us for advice for the best solution for your application.

Ask about two-week rates, local pickup too. We provide up to 2 hours consulting and training included in rental price.

pdf-20Download Fluke 1750 DataSheet
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The Fluke 1750 3-Phase Power Recorder has the great attribute of making power studies simple, safe, and successful. Once power is applied the instrument automatically begins recording. LEDs give you the assurance that the recorder is powered up and signals are within range - no more uncertainty that data is being captured.

Easy to use. No thresholds to program. The 1750 has an exclusive capture algorithm that captures all events without the tedious setups and blind spots associated with threshold-driven equipment. No one wants a wasted power study due to setup mistakes; thanks to Fluke they are a thing of the past!

No-fuss installation. The simple, single-lead voltage connections enable safe and quick installation for single-phase, split single-phase, three-phase wye, three-phase delta configurations. If you need to connect to switchgear, PT and CT ratios can be entered, and two-element and two and a half element configurations are handled too. Check the connections remotely by viewing phasors on a wireless tablet.

Probe smarts, The 1750 automatically detects and scales current clamps and flexible probes. Flexible probes are powered from the meter eliminating the need for probe batteries - so probes won't die when monitoring for long periods

ACF-5000_3_500_240x0.jpgOne Probe...Three Ranges. Only available from POWERetc - the PRO-Flex ACF 5000_3 Rogowski Coil probe from PROSyS provides three switch-selectable ranges (100A, 1000A and 5000A) - eliminating the need to have different probes for different applications, or worse yet, making do with a 5000A probe for a much lower current range - all at a lower cost than most single range probes. 

Safety first! The 1750 gives you relief from wearing PPE for long periods. The 1750 can be controlled wirelessly, and easily configured from a tablet; a great idea when encumbered in arc-flash gear. After installation, you can get to a safe distance a few feet away to remove your hood and visor so you can view waveform displays, meter screens, and phasor diagrams in comfort. The built-in wireless technology allows you to control multiple instruments from a distance easily. Alternatively, a laptop can be used instead.

Customize and create Reports. The Fluke software includes an auto-report function to summarize and document the results in graphs and tables. You can create a report on all aspects of power, or by customizing, limit the scope to just those areas of interest.

INCLUDED WITH YOUR RENTAL AND ONLY AVAILABLE FROM POWERetc: Application support (via telephone) and review of your recorded data (e-mailed), maximum of 2-hours/month, minimum increment 15-minutes. (Complete data analysis and report preparation available at additional cost.)

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