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In-House or Online Training Courses

POWERetc is the training resource for Dranetz, Fluke and Power Standards Lab offering operational skills training to help you get top performance from your power quality analysis instruments and associated software. For each of the courses listed below, both In-House (for a group in your facility) and individually, online are availalble. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the class.




Here is the list of currently available Operational Skills training programs and materials:

  • Dranetz Technologies
    • Models PX5 / 4400 / HDPQ
    • DranView 7.0 Software
  • Fluke
    • Model 1750
    • Model 430
    • Model 173x
  • Power Standards Lab
    • PQube 3

Any of POWERetc's operational skills training programs are available as in-house classes at the client's facility. An additional advantage to in-house programs is that they afford the opportunity for customization of the material to meet specific objectives and needs that might not be fully met in the online version. Contact POWERetc for a discussion of your training needs.



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