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The Right Tool for Conducting a Connected Load Study to Confirm Panel Capacity 

The METSyS Panel Capacity Analyzer (PCA) is a specially-designed instrument for measuring and recording 3- or 4-phase current to confirm the distribution panel's capacity in compliance with NFPA’s National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014 Article 220.87and meeting the requirements for uniform load calculations in accordance with the requirements of the California Electrical Code (CEC).

The METSyS PCA packaged with POWERetc's proprietary macro-based Excel spreadsheet provide users with the capability of conducting connected load studies of various lengths to meet specific regulatory requirements. This provides a definitive and documented result enabling electrical contractors and facilities engineers to quickly obtain electrical inspection approval when adding new loads to a panel. 

The process requires both the calculation of the average current over an extended period in order to confirm that - with planned load additions - will remain less than 80% of the breaker rating(s). In addition, the standard requires that MIN and MAX currents are also determined over the sampling period.

The METSyS logger samples every cycle using and 8-cycle "window" and calculates the average value of the 8-cycles.  These readings are accumulated for the user selected averaging period--10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m , 15m, 30m, 60m--and the average of the averages is saved as the average value for the period and the minimum and maximum sample are saved as the MIN/MAX values.  The PCA's MIN/MAX values are really a composite of 8-cycles which will result in understating the peak inrush, but is probably more reflective of levels that might cause breaker tripping problems.

pdf.pngDownload METSyS Current Monitor DataSheet